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Dan Fox is an Analyst in The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. His work is primarily focused on assisting communities address homelessness through planning, policy development, data collection, and increasing community capacity.

Mr. Fox is an experienced program, data, and systems analyst with a specific passion for ending homelessness. A transplant from the world of computer engineering into social impact work, he has spent the last 6 years working to benefit the homeless population. Before joining Cloudburst, he worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where he worked closely with a majority of Pennsylvania’s homeless service providers to coordinate state and local response to homelessness and improve statewide data collection efforts. In this dual government/community role, he developed a unique blend of experience in program and policy development, community capacity building, cross-systems collaboration, technical support, training, and system development.

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In His Own Words

“The challenge of work focused on serving underserved populations is also its beauty. One is constantly reminded that making a difference involves allowing space for a continued reassessment of assumptions and active pursuit of new understanding.”