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Michael Tomlinson is an Analyst with The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. His primary focus is to provide Technical Assistance to community partners addressing homelessness through understanding local and national data, program evaluation, capacity building, and policy decisions.

Mr. Tomlinson is an experienced administrator and program analyst. Before arriving at Cloudburst in 2016, he administered the Erie County, PA HMIS for over three years. During this time, his work expanded the scope of the database and the use of data to inform decisions for programs and organizations in Erie. He started his career in 2011 after graduating with a BA in Psychology from Edinboro University as a research assistant evaluating local social service and education programs in Erie, PA. Through these experiences, he has developed a strong background in program evaluation and data analysis in understanding human services and implementing tools and programs to address homelessness.

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In His Own Words

“Access to affordable housing and housing stability is a foundation on which to thrive and our work assists communities enhance their efforts to provide this foundation to their underserved.”