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Project Description

Junior Analyst

Rosemond Nketiah works as the Cloudburst Group’s Subcontracts Analyst. She assists the Sr. Contracts Manager with business development activities as they relate to subcontractors and documenting compliance activities.

Ms. Nketiah’s responsibilities include supporting the development and management of new subcontracts, task orders, and consulting agreements; assisting with the preparation and review of subcontract budgets; and regularly interacting with company project, finance, and accounting staff.

Ms. Nketiah is a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University, where she earned a BA degree in Political Science while also studying Economics. Her educational experience and legal apprenticeships have helped cultivate the proficient analytical and organizational skills she integrates into her professional work here with The Cloudburst Group.

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In Her Own Words

“Understanding the needs of a community and supporting it with adept solutions will always yield long-lasting effects.”