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Financial Analyst

William E. Morris is The Cloudburst Group’s Financial Analyst. He works closely with our Chief Financial Officer and accounting team in managing contract budgets, forecasts, and day-to-day project finance needs. He is a highly motivated, dependable, and experienced financial professional, who has used his education to transition into an employee at Cloudburst, where he has been introduced to various skills relevant to government contract work. Among these skills are database management for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting system; communication skills with business partners; and project management and data entry for Cloudburst’s HCD, LTNRM, and Public Health budgets.

Mr. Morris received his MS in Finance from Loyola University Chicago where he specialized in Risk Management and Corporate Finance. While in graduate school, he volunteered with low-income, minority males. Prior to joining The Cloudburst Group, Mr. Morris worked at Edward Jones & Co.

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In His Own Words

“Financial solutions can provide the freedom necessary to affect positive change.”