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Project Description

Communications Analyst

Caleb Godsey is a training and communications analyst on The Cloudburst Group’s Global Development team. Mr. Godsey currently provides training management for the USAID-funded Evaluation, Research and Communications program – a $20M five-year program designed to create, expand, and communicate evidence-based knowledge around land tenure and property rights best practices.

Mr. Godsey is responsible for managing the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative, demand-driven, audience-appropriate training and knowledge management programs. He also plays a role in our strategic communications efforts, by providing support for the production of communications deliverables, including public pieces, social media outreach, newsletters and direct email outreach, and webinar and event planning.

Mr. Godsey also provides data management support for the USAID Environmental Compliance Database (ECD) under the GEMS II Contract.

Caleb received his bachelor’s degree from Elon University where he pursued studies in political philosophy and international relations. While at Elon Caleb worked as a Youth Social Worker fostering low-income male minorities in single-parent households.

In His Own Words

“Our lives are comprised of stories. These stories make up the narrative of our humanity. These stories are worth listening to. These stories are worth telling. ”

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