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Communications Specialist

As the Communications Specialist, Heather Hill is responsible for a wide variety of digital communications, trainings, events, blogging, and media at The Cloudburst Group. She brings nine years of communications experience with her and manages digital strategies and email campaigns for the USAID-funded Evaluation, Research, and Communications program – a $20M five-year program designed to create, expand, and communicate evidence-based knowledge around land tenure and property rights best practices. Ms. Hill also serves as a photojournalist on projects for both USAID and HUD.

Ms. Hill is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual professional who has lived, studied, and worked across four continents. She has a Masters in writing and serves as Senior Writer and Brand Strategist for the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area as well as Co-Chair of the Human Rights Committee. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post as well as on Fox5 News. Most recently, she spoke on a panel at the annual conference for the Association of Writers and Writing Professionals to discuss the relationship between writing and nationhood.

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“Stories allow strangers to briefly inhabit each other’s lives; cultivating empathy and understanding; reminding us we share a common humanity.”