Project Description

Research and Evaluation Lead

Nancy Hite-Rubin is a Research and Evaluation Lead for The Cloudburst Group’s Global Development practice area.  She is responsible for leading and supporting research projects pertaining to the global political economy of development.

Dr. Hite-Rubin has twelve years of experience leading all aspects of design and implementation for empirical research projects. She has worked on survey design, implementation, monitoring, quality control, and analysis on large-n surveys throughout the globe. She has extensive experience building original databases and employing econometric analysis on experimental, observational, and geo-spatial data.

Dr. Hite-Rubin holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Yale University and an LL.M in Law and Economics from the University of Hamburg.

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In Her Own Words

“I believe that the best research combines diverse methodological approaches and paradigmatic viewpoints. I am passionate about conducting inquiry that is systematic, rigorous, cumulative, and, most importantly, purpose-driven.”