Across our three practice areas – Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management, Housing and Community Development, and Public Health – The Cloudburst Group’s team of thought leaders, innovators, and seasoned practitioners provide deep expertise on critical issues. We provide our clients, our partners, and the communities we serve with an array of expert services including: research and evaluation, data analytics, communication, and technical assistance and training.

From building capacity for local housing authorities in Detroit to evaluating the impact of land certification programs in Ethiopia to using data to improve decision making on programs that serve homeless veterans, our expertise cuts across our domestic and international portfolios. Learn more about our expertise below.



Effective strategic communication is essential for disseminating best practices and lessons learned and achieving meaningful behavior change. Our expertise in public outreach, data visualization, social marketing, website development, and knowledge management cuts across out international and domestic portfolio.

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Data & Analytics


Much of our work focuses on building a culture of data-driven decision making. We believe that using rigorous methods and accessible tools to enhance organization’s ability to collect, manage, analyze, share, and interpret data is central to learning, better programming, and improved development outcomes.

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Research and Evaluation


Accurately measuring success and determining which strategies work and which do not is critical to the effectiveness of any organization or program. Our rigorous research and evaluation work includes both experimental and non-experimental methods, as well as the presentation of analysis and impact findings.

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Technical Assistance & Training


Building capacity for our clients, our partners, and most critically, within the communities we serve is critical to our mission. We focus our efforts on technical assistance and training programs that are flexible, adaptive, demand-driven, rigorous, measurable, and outcome-focused.

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