Senior Environmental Health Analyst

Dr. Brian Kirtland is a Senior Environmental Health Analyst in The Cloudburst Group’s Public Health practice area. Dr. Kirtland’s responsibilities include the development of the firm’s technical offerings, project management, and technical support in the areas of environmental health sciences and public health.

Dr. Kirtland has a broad knowledge of environmental health sciences and public health with specific expertise in environmental compliance and monitoring, environmental chemistry, remediation technology, and public health policy. His work experience includes programmatic management and support for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Private Well Initiative and Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. Additional work experience includes project management and support in solid waste management, hazardous site response, and underground storage tank programs serving industrial clients, private owners, and state regulators.

Dr. Kirtland has expertise in public health policy, including extensive knowledge of Institutional Review Board (IRB) policy and procedures. He also has extensive research experience, having published a range of articles in environmental science.