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Throughout the United States and across the globe, The Cloudburst Group is working to provide sustainable solutions to challenges related to land, housing, and health.

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ELAP_ELTAP_IE In Ethiopia, we are working with USAID to evaluate the impact on food security, productivity and improved livihoods of a series of land certification programs…
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CLPP_IE Increasing the reach and effectiveness of HUD grant funds in the city of St. Louis, Missouri…
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PRADD_Guinea_IE In Guinea, we are working with USAID to evaluate the impact of a program that strengthens the capacity of diamond-producing nations to comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme…
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  • Karol_Coke_Session

Cloudburst Examines Land Rights Assessments, Coca-Cola Takes Note

At the 2015 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, The Cloudburst Group’s Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management Practice Lead, Karol Boudreaux examined the Coca-Cola Company’s recent efforts to make its sugar supply chain more responsible with respect to land rights. […]

  • Karol

Why Natural Resources Matter for Improving Governance in Namibia

By Karol Boudreaux, Practice Lead, Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management

If you want to see why natural resources matter for local-level democracy, look no further than Namibia.

Across this breathtakingly beautiful country, a remarkable social and economic experiment has been going […]

  • WB_Conf

The Cloudburst Group Presents at the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

The Cloudburst Group, a leading consulting firm serving public and private sector clients in land tenure, property rights, natural resource management, urban development, housing and community development, and public health, will be presenting information about several groundbreaking new projects at […]

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