Creating impact, empowering communities, building resilience

Women-Owned Small Business focused on improving social, economic, and environmental resilience in the U.S. and across the globe. We have an ambitious goal: strengthen community and government capacity to address vulnerability, build resilience, and create lasting impact when responding to development challenges.

Across our practice areas, our teams provide services to federal, state, and local governments as well as private sector and non-profit organizations. We work to prevent and end homelessness; increase the reach of community development; expand economic development opportunities; increase environmental compliance and sustainability; secure land and property rights; enhance food security; advance democracy, human rights, and governance; empower women, youth, indigenous, and other underrepresented populations; and promote public and behavioral health interventions.

To increase the reach, impact, and effectiveness for public and private clients, our teams work to collect and analyze data; monitor and evaluate programs; communicate promising and evidence-based practices; and provide outcomes-focused training and technical assistance.


Our team works to help communities and governments address development challenges by unearthing root causes and structural and institutional barriers.

We look for opportunities where public- and private-sector partnerships can be leveraged; where investments can best meet needs or drive change; and where innovation can advance social, economic, and environmental resilience.


As a woman-owned business, empowering women, vulnerable populations, and underrepresented communities is fundamental to who we are.

We are committed to advancing equity and inclusion and helping communities and governments invest based on need.

We strive to empower the people we engage and the communities we serve so they can address future challenges.


We engage stakeholders and beneficiaries to inform needs, co-create solutions, and build sustainable capacity.

We look to develop our clients’ workforce so we can grow and learn together and implement improved and enduring practices, programs, and policies that thrive long after our projects end.
In short, our work reflects our commitment to advancing our mission: creating impact, empowering communities, and building resilience—where and when it matters.