Housing and Community Development

The Housing and Community Development (HCD) practice area encompasses Cloudburst’s work to address the housing and community development needs of low- and moderate-income individuals and communities.

Cloudburst has worked extensively with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and more than 100 state and local communities to:

  • Prevent and end homelessness;
  • Prepare for and respond to disasters, including COVID-19, hurricanes, floods, and fires;
  • Plan investments for housing and community development;
  • Advance fair housing; and
  • Foster economic development opportunities to create and retain jobs.

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Our Impact

  • In support of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Cloudburst, provides grantees with regulatory and programmatic support to develop coordinated community responses to COVID-19, create housing strategies to short- and long-term housing needs, and rapidly expand programs under challenging conditions.
  • Cloudburst applies advanced data analytic and automation methodologies that have helped HUD streamline staff and grantee time, reduce monitoring findings, manage risk, and decrease loss of funds.
  • Cloudburst developed  HUD’s Citizen Participation and Consultation Toolkit, the leading national guidance on public engagement.
  • Cloudburst helped communities (including St. Louis, MO; Brownsville, TX; Detroit, MI; Jacksonville, FL; Baton Rouge, LA; the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; and Flint, MI) to recover from foreclosures, disasters, water safety, and other threats to housing and community stability.
  • Cloudburst developed a Financial Modeling and Budgeting Tool to support grantees serving persons with HIV/AIDS to understand the cost drivers and changes from the HOPWA Modernization Act (HOTMA).
  • Cloudburst has supported every Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) technical assistance effort for HUD since Hurricane Katrina, which includes disasters in Louisiana, New York, Florida, Texas, California, and Puerto Rico. Cloudburst has partnered with HUD, FEMA, the American Red Cross, local jurisdictions, and states to administer over $800M in CDBG-DR funds by adopting best practices for implementing disaster resiliency and recovery programs.
  • Cloudburst has helped HUD relaunch the National Fair Housing Training Academy by producing a launch video and creating multi-modality training designed to connect organizations working to address discrimination and inequities in housing.

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