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Why natural resources matter for improving governance in Namibia

Originally appeared on Devex, written by Karol Boudreaux. If you want to see why natural resources matter for local-level democracy, look no further than Namibia. Across this breathtakingly beautiful country, a remarkable social and economic experiment has been going on for nearly two decades: devolving rights to manage and benefit from the use of natural [...]

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Food Security and the Need for Responsible Investment Guidelines

By Gregory Myers, Ph.D., Director of Private Sector Engagement Over eight hundred million people in the world do not have enough to eat. In fact, hunger kills more people every year than malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis combined. But feeding the world’s growing population cannot be achieved through government action and public resources alone. Instead, governments [...]

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Dr. Gregory Myers Joins The Cloudburst Group As Director, Private Sector Engagement, Land Tenure

Originally appeared on PR Newswire. WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Cloudburst Group, a leading consulting firm serving public and private sector clients in natural resource management, housing and community development, and public health, announced today that Dr. Gregory Myers has joined the company as Director of Private Sector Engagement. Dr. Myers will oversee [...]

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Innovative ways to reduce risks in farming by advancing land ownership

Originally appeared on Devex, written by Karol Boudreaux. Farming is an inherently risky business: bad weather, pests, credit constraints, and unexpected policy changes threaten farmers of all sizes. Helping farmers, particularly smallholder farmers, find better ways to manage risk is an important part of what food security programming is all about. But what if a [...]

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Verasolve to Direct Cloudburst Group’s Marketing and Public Relations Initiatives

Originally appeared on Verasolve's blog. Verasolve, a leading provider of branding, marketing, and public relations services has been chosen by Cloudburst Group to deliver a targeted set of marketing and public relations services. In addition to updated messaging and a consistent PR strategy, Verasolve will be putting together marketing collateral specifically designed to increase revenue [...]

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