Cloudburst Highlights Sara Hicks-West

Cloudburst Highlights Sara Hicks-West

While disasters magnify a community’s existing shortage of affordable housing and lead to higher rates of homelessness, many view disaster response and recovery as separate from the day-to-day work of housing and homeless organizations, advocates, and organizers. How can we shift this perception to ensure that the best practices used by these organizations and advocates every day are integrated into disaster response and recovery?

Sara Hicks-West, Cloudburst’s Disaster Subject Matter Expert, addressed this question and many more concerning rapid rehousing after disasters at the National Low Income Housing Coalition‘s 2024 Housing Policy Forum, March 19-21, in Washington DC. She was part of a panel discussion during the session Changing Lanes: Integrating Housing and Homelessness Best Practices with Disaster Response and Recovery. Sara’s expertise in technical assistance to both natural disasters and public health emergencies affecting persons experiencing homelessness, as well as her work serving families impacted by disaster for the American Red Cross for more than 15 years, has shaped her into a deeply respected leader in disaster work and homelessness around the country.

Cloudburst is honored to recognize Sara’s tremendous contribution to disaster response and recovery work and to persons experiencing homelessness. Thank you, Sara!

To learn more about Cloudburst’s work in disaster response, disaster recovery, and with people experiencing homelessness, please contact: [email protected]


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