Unsheltered Environmental Scan

Homeless Assistance Programs

Period of Performance: April 2018 – December 2018

Cloudburst conducted three Environmental Scans for cities identified to participate in Unsheltered & Encampment Technical Assistance (TA). Cloudburst served as lead for two communities: San Diego and San Jose; and served as co-lead for Honolulu. The project purpose was to glean information from pertinent stakeholders regarding unsheltered efforts in identified cities.

Through this project, Cloudburst:

  • Collaborated with other firms involved in Unsheltered & Encampment technical assistance
  • Coordinated with the HUD SNAPS office as the Unsheltered project was implemented
  • Completed three environmental scans to inform HUD of specific TA needs in identified communities
Community Planning and Development Monitoring Homeless Management Information System Data Integration Project