Smartphones help Tanzanian women secure land rights

Smartphones help Tanzanian women secure land rights

Originally appeared on Thomson Reuters Foundation.

ILALASIMBA, Tanzania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Yolanda Ngunda has every reason to smile now she holds a title deed recognizing her as sole owner of a disputed plot of rugged farmland in Tanzania’s remote southern highlands […]

Launched in 2014, the $1 million project, implemented by the Cloudburst Group, a U.S.-based consulting firm, has simplified the process of documenting land rights while making it more transparent and effective, USAID officials said […]

Karol Boudreaux, a land tenure expert with the Cloudburst Group, said the MAST project is designed to be participatory so that it raises awareness among women about their right to own and inherit land, while equipping village leaders with skills to resolve disputes.

“We have recognized that these rights have not been well understood in some places,” Boudreaux told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, noting that widows in particular face barriers to owning and inheriting land.

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