Program Evaluation for Prevention

Public Health

Period of Performance: October 2013 – September 2018

The Program Evaluation for Prevention Contract (PEP-C) focused on evaluating the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)’s Partnerships for Success (PFS) program, which provides eligible states and jurisdictions with funds to increase prevention capacity at the state and community levels and achieve declines in state-wide substance abuse rates. Under subcontract to RTI, Cloudburst provided logistical support to the Program Evaluation for Prevention Contract (PEPC), external steering committee (ESC). The ESC was composed of ten outside experts (e.g., in systems, evaluation, measurement, substance abuse prevention approaches, publications, training, constituency groups) to guide the identification of the structure, procedures, methodologies, substance and format of the contract activities and functions.

Cloudburst handled the logistics for the ESC, including invitations to quarterly meetings, and developing in a timely fashion, necessary materials, agendas, schedules and providing support such as audiovisual equipment, nameplates, laptops and other resources as needed. Cloudburst also provided detailed support for yearly in-person meetings and completed written meeting summaries for all meetings.

Additionally, Cloudburst supported the qualitative research and data analysis efforts under PEP-C through conducting multiple waves of interviews with Grantee Program State Directors and developing grantee profiles.

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